At Eric Vest Photography, we consider military personnel & police as heroes! We value the incredible sacrifice that each family makes for us as individuals and us as a country. Because of this, we want to give back. As a photography company, we give 10% discounts on all our packages as a way of saying “thank you!”

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Military Couples

We love working with military couples and consider it an honor to capture their love stories and weddings! We are also flexible and work around deployment schedules, etc. to make it as stress-free for the couples as we can! If you are interested in using us for your wedding photography, please contact us and mention that you are a military couple! We would love to work with you!!!

Police Officers

Just like the military, we know that you are underappreciated. Your job is not usually a popluar one but one that we would be in ruins without! Thank you for the day to day protection and sacrifice you give to us!

Dear Military & Police Officers,